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The Ime Udoka Story

Mainstream sports and social media are ablaze with the recent allegations of an affair between Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka and a rumored (yet officially unnamed) female staff member of the storied National Basketball Association franchise. While there are both confirmed and unconfirmed details about the story, it is indeed in flux. And, who knows, maybe Ime Udoka privately severed commitment ties with Nia Long (long ago). And maybe the Boston Celtics staff member is not really married nor in a committed romantic relationship.

It’s not my job nor desire to play judge nor jury. It’s too much scandal to handle. But it is indeed my job and desire to play some music–multi-generational rap, soul, R&B, funk, blues and even gospel.

The Salacious Soundtrack

I submit over fifty songs and four hours of creepin’, cheatin’, and faithless fornication–unadulterated fault, adultery and indiscriminate infidelity. Chock-full of perspective, no man nor woman’s role is spared, and all affected parties get a voice. This list lampoons lasciviousness with both lewd explicitness and light undertones. The tracks are devoid of tact and saturated with treacherousness.

The sequence of songs tend to transition from crude and crass to soft and sensual. Most of the first seven tracks are not for the squeamish. And while most of these songs directly reflect or refer to cheating, affairs with another person’s mate and ignoble acts of the like, several are just of sexual nature that a reasonable person would figure to substantively complement faithless fornication. For example, Blackstreet’s “Fix,” Papoose’s “Bucket Naked,” or Brett D’s “Office Party” certainly are appropriate fits within the balance of creepin’ and cheatin’. Just the sheer ideas of addiction and temptation are par for the copulative course.

“Ime Cheater” is available below via both Apple Music and Spotify. The Spotify playlist is without “Innocent Til Proven Guilty” by Honey Cone, “I Couldn’t Help It” by Joe Budden, “Orbz a.k.A. Some Wise Quote Drake Never Said” by Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire and “Dynomite” by Project Pat & Juicy J.

I present–Ime Cheater.

Notable Quote

The Don Juan features the freak s*** / My thesis on how we creep creep / F***in yo wife that ain’t no secret/ It’s mandatory. See that pussy, they hand it to me/ I got no game. It’s just some b****es understand my story” — Nas (“Watch Dem N****s”)

“Ime Cheater” (Apple Music) 60 songs, >4 hours

“Ime Cheater” (Spotify) >50 songs, ≈4 hours

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