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The COVID-19 pandemic has us evaluating, and hopefully appreciating, how much we depend on each other’s sweat to maintain balance in our lives. To limit viral transmission, some city and state governments have ordered salons and barbershops closed.

It’s a shame I can’t see my barber. Barbers and cosmetologists bear tedium just to keep us looking and feeling our best for the everyday business of life. So, it would be even more so a disservice if we did not take time to appreciate them. Barbers create for us exactly what we want, give us stellar customer service and stand on their feet most of the day just to do it. They might be saved as a favorite contact in your cell phone. And they may even serve as your personal storefront counselor or life coach.

Embracing the idea that we should not wait for social distancing mandates to show love to our barbers and the barbershop experience, two Georgia music artists seem to have already beat us to the chase.

In March 2019, a full year before “work from home” instructions, rappers King Jai and King Elway released the single “Mr. Barberman.” Both happen to be barbers. It’s a for us, by us type of jam.

30 Roc of EarDrummer produced the barber appreciation anthem with the eruptions of a marching band. 30 Roc has produced hits like Roddy Rich’s “The Box,” Cardi B’s “Bartier Cardi” and Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up.”

In the “Mr. Barberman” video, we see just how much barbers and barbershops are key players in our communities with respect to education, health, social engagement and the simple joys of life.

Some barbershops and other small businesses are feeling the financial strain of COVID-19 fear. One nationwide response is federal assistance for small businesses.

Barbershops, salons, beauty parlors, “gentleman refineries” and the like give us refuge. They’re places to relax without anxiety, stress or worry. Dear barber, for all the occasions that you had us looking at our best, we appreciate you. Thanks for the talk therapy, intellectual exchanges and your professional precision that has us on point.

Take a listen to the “Mr. Barberman” single below. Check out more of King Elway’s music here. Whenever we escape this, show your appreciation and tip your barber handsomely.

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