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Sexual Assault
(Photo/Pexels) April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Before it comes to a close, it's important to consider what moments in time and music can teach
King Elway So Soulful Rappurview
What exists unrestrained by space nor time and is never completely removed from the atmosphere? Soul. Rather fittingly, it is soul that identifies a timeless
10 Stack Commandments
"10 Stack Commandments." (Photo/Josh Vaughn) Receiving unexpected money is exciting. Moreover—more rousing—is discovering precious business strategy that can earn you perpetual dividends. Enter Detroit, Michigan,
“Ay yo, god.” Some may hear that as a prayer. Indeed, it could be one. It's a greeting near similarly used as Judaism’s “Shalom” or
At War with Myself Too Rappurview Starlito
Everybody has a war story. Some are gorier than others, and each has a unique sequence of battlefields. Along his, Nashville rap artist Starlito has
A bona fide and even passive hip-hop fan may encounter times when their opinions rattle their consciousness as they seek both entertainment and enlightenment. The
Forget about Tayvon Martin. George Zimmerman--forget him too. Both individuals are irrelevant. Why bombard you with my perception of two gentlemen with whom I will



Life and Time Thru the Lens of Rhyme

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