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Airy, spacey and groovy, Sept. 20, 2020 New Jersey rappers Jeremy O. and Young Benny dropped visuals for Jeremy’s single “Lyft.”

The two come correct on a chill track best for drifting into the sunset with an unidentified flying object of attraction.

Jeremy and Benny steadily trade bars over a cool sounding collection of boom-bappish strings, snare and bass where the two make love craze look and sound cool. The video for “Lyft” is a Joe Camel short for a sweetheart.

Donning low-top Pumas and Khaki shorts, Jeremy hit things off by professing his interest to an incognito boo. Young Benny later sets out for a psychedelic journey between ride sharing and arriving to an immaculately manicured crib.

California, pacific shore vibes abound. Think Hieroglyphics or Oddisee vibes and loverboy-ish. With a romantic interest that never meets the screen, convincing narration from Jeremy & Benny becomes more mandatory. And they’re fully compliant. Jeremy O. bypasses appeal to the physical in favor for fine details and cerebral stimulation.

They say confessions are what make a love genuine. Your heart is filled with love and you appreciate the little stuff / So we can skip the lust cuz our conversations give me a buzz.

With additional confessions like “I lose my mind when I stare at you” from Young Benny, it’s certainly a near trippy jam that goes well accessorized with Benny’s black on white Nike Blazers and Jeremy’s Bob Marley shirt.

Young Benny illuminates the idea that slow and steady maneuvers comprise a winning formula when it comes to love and chemistry.

And we don’t need to take this fast. Slow it down, don’t rush it / Take it step by step like lunging, following all your instructions / I’m sending compliments, the way you hear them, yeah you blushin’ / Your womb is like a cocoon, butterflies all in your stomach.

Open the sunroof, catch the wind, ignite the aux cord and cue up Jeremy O. and Young Benny’s “Lyft” below via Apple Music and Spotify. The video follows.

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