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This spring, Los Angeles transient singer and songwriter Alexandria tours us through love — yearning for it, finding it and being okay with it.

Since 2017, the year she released her Cut of Cloth album, the Cincinnati, Ohio native has also endured something people often fearfully run away from–change.

Alexandria resettled in Los Angeles after a long stint in Atlanta. Alexandria explained, “I lived in Atlanta for almost a decade. I ended up moving to L.A. and basically starting a whole new life. Just going on an adventure, being in a new relationship. Everything has become fresh and new and totally different from the norm.”

Now, on May 15, she released a highlight reel of that adventure through her latest album, Journey, under San Francisco’s Text Me Records.

The nine-track LP represents a turning point. Amidst the life changes, there was new opportunity. Music manager “Wes” called Alexandria and suggested she and L.A. producer and writer Taydex work together. Since first meeting, according to the singer, the two “just kept linking up and making music.” “And they were like ‘we might as well just make an album.’ And that’s how Journey came about.”

Per Alexandria’s earlier work, we’re used to her music being released through Awful Records and hearing her team up with producer Ethereal. It was in 2018 that we got a teaser from Taydex and Alexandria in “It Ain’t Over.”

April 28, 2020, Alexandria released the video-assisted single “Ain’t Polite,” marking her mainstream re-emergence.

Why she selected “Ain’t Polite” as a single for Journey: “I’ve been on a hiatus…so I just felt like that was the perfect song. It just, like, you know, allowed me to reintroduce myself. This is who I am.”

Journey is Alexandria’s fifth solo project and third full-length album .

There are all sorts of love and life quest jams over supernatural, airy sounding production like “Guide Me,” “Off Guard,” “Trust” and “I Find In You.” There’s even a sweet, carefree send off in “La Da Da” ripe for feel-good theater.

Given that most of her catalogue consists of one-word album titles, we asked Alexandria to give us just one word to describe the album (without using the word journey).

“I would say triumph,” she replied.

“There’s definitely been like, you know…these crazy mountains and rolling hills. There’s definitely been hills and valleys in making this album. Finally being able to release this after three years is definitely triumph.”

Alexandria says she has future projects on the way through Text Me Records.

She also has more with Taydex on the horizon.

Laughing, “we’re working on my next album as we speak.” “I have about like seven new records I’ve been working on…during this quarantine. So, that kind of worked out in my favor. Just being able to have time to write.”

Further promoting Journey, Alexandria treated fans to an introspective, four-part mini-documentary series. Each episode is named after some of her previous releases–Rebirth, Bad EPPromise EP and Cut of Cloth. The series shows Alexandria’s path as a singer from childhood all the way through the makings of Cut of Cloth.

She shared some advice with her younger self, the Alexandria of her 2014 debut album Rebirth.

“You have a long road ahead of you. But it’s going to be worth it. No matter what happens, just keep going. And don’t let anybody disturb you. If you have something special that the world needs, just go and you’ll find your way.”

Now, just go and stream Journey–additional listening options here. And there’s more on Alexandria from Rappurview here.

ARTIST: Alexandria



LABEL: Text Me Records

RELEASE DATE: May 15, 2020

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