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While cleverly alluding to both his return home from prison and the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, May 20 Young Buck hit the streets with his “Outbreak” EP.

On its artwork, the Nashville emcee dons his own paisley patterned personal protective equipment–a blue rag accentuated by red and blue American muscle and Tennessee Titans fitted cap.

There’s more to freedom for Young Buck to just be out amongst non-incarcerated society. He’s also free to work after resolving contract settlement issues with former G-Unit bandmate and label head 50 Cent.

“Outbreak,” delivered in seven tracks, is 24 minutes of setting the record straight on circulating rumors and reestablishing his position as at liberty to make music.

The EP opens with rapper Ice-T and his undeniable game giving on “What’s Up” followed by a fiery Young Buck intensely addressing an array of brewing speculations.

Tracks like “Step” and “Do You Challenge” are solid affirmations of fierce independence. And “Signed Up” strikes as universally applicable, speaking to the reality of commitment.

Outbreak” has few featured guests yet strong assistance from singers Caleb Neal, on “So Do I,” and Cherae Leri on “Thank You.” “So Do I” is a catchy tune that makes good use of each artist moving in and out of its chorus. And on “Thank You,” Buck revels in appreciation for how his life has turned out amidst his losses.

Taken into custody in December 2019, Young Buck served four months in prison on child abandonment charges. Interestingly, Young Buck revealed to DJ Paul that he shared a prison cell with Future’s son during his bid.

The “Outbreak” EP track list and streams via Spotify and Apple Music are available below.

1. What’s Up

2. All We Do

3. Signed Up

4. So Do I feat. Caleb Neal

5. Step

6. Do You Challenge

7. Thank You feat. Cheri Leri

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