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WASHINGTON — Black American musical performances can be extra culturally affirming at certain times of the year. May 18, production company 8thaus and recording artist Opal Dillard gifted the nation’s capital a teaser for an approaching Black Music Month.

Opal headlined volume 1 of 8thaus’ “SENSORSHIP” series at Songbyrd Music House.

In just her second time at Songbyrd, the Chicago born, Los Angeles raised artist took us on an intergalactic junket and performed notables like “Hopscotch,” “France,” and “Spacepilot.” 

Designated a full moon party, tarot readings, meditation and other pursuits of the psyche preluded taking to the stage. Opal commanded the show with two-fold crowd control, gracing the microphone and acting as her own DJ. Drummer Bangloud added synergistic spark to the Adams Neighborhood rathskeller.

If fortune bringing is a thing, Opal let Rappurview in on some augury:

“I’m going to be dropping some new music pretty soon. I also am trying to put together an album. As you can see, I have a lot of songs but I only have four songs that I’ve actually released. So I want to put together an album and that is what you can expect from me in the very near future.”

Opal was not the only magic maker. 8thaus used S E N S O R S H I P to exercise First Amendment rights.

This could be what President Jimmy Carter always wanted.

Opal’s music has been featured on the HBO show “Insecure” and Netflix’s “The After Party.” You can hear more of her music here. Take a look at more footage, including unreleased material, below.

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