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Recording artist and part-time space traveler Opal Dillard sends us into the next decade with her sole 2019 release, “Angelica Demons.” The follow-up to singles from 2017 (“Coco Miyaki“) and 2018 (“Hopscotch“), “Angelica Demons” is what when temptation meets opportunity sounds like. It’s a polar exploration into clandestine comforts of hedonism.

Opal sings amidst placidly haunting, seizing production by K.eYe.D.:

“Demons came and told me (that) / You should be my homie / Feelin’ kind of lonely / Want you to come hold me.”

Mercury is in retrograde and déjà vu arises. Things are out of place. Yet it feels so right.

And, whether or not there’s piety, ascension is the only way:

“Feelin’ like a fiend and don’t want anyone to know / If you like secrets we can keep this on the low / Touching on my body, grinding with me so slow / Preacher, I’m a heathen and I really need to get under control / That’s something you know / Me and you can float all on the clouds / Hope we never come down now.”

Rappurview caught up with Opal back in May 2019 in Washington, D.C., and she shared that she intends to bring us a full-length album, citing four previous single releases. Here’s another one from the Carmen Sandiego of the cosmos (so she doesn’t say).

Check out Opal Dillard’s “Angelica Demons” below.

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